Our Objectives

By law, every charity must have objects or purposes that are exclusively charitable. ‘Object’s describe and identify the purpose for which the charity has been set up.



Our charitable objective is:


The relief of poverty of the homeless in West Yorkshire by providing items, services and facilities to homeless people in need and/or charities, or other organisations, working to relieve the poverty of the homeless.

We all deserve a safe, stable place to live. But we are not protecting this basic human need for people in Britain experiencing the worst forms of homelessness.


Homelessness ruins lives in many ways, affecting health and wellbeing, family relationships, and employment. For some it is a death sentence. However, whilst homelessness is devastating, it is not inevitable. In most cases homelessness is preventable.


We also know that in every case it can be ended permanently.


Homelessness is not confined to those sat begging or rough sleeping in a doorway. Homelessness also includes people sofa surfing, fleeing domestic violence, living in supported accommodation or in accommodation where it is unreasonable to continue to occupy.


Essentially, someone who does not have a roof over their head to call their own are homeless.


The prevention or relief of poverty is not just about giving financial assistance to people who lack money; poverty is a more complex issue that is dependent upon the social and economic circumstances in which it arises. In preventing or relieving poverty we address both the causes (prevention) and the consequences (relief) of poverty.


No single organisation can solve the problem of homelessness. It is only by working together, collectively, as a joined-up effort of charities, organisations, businesses, local authorities and

individuals, that we can make a real difference.


This is what The Hirsche Foundation does. We work with and support a wide range of partners – including local authorities, charities, sports clubs, businesses and organisations – in a collaborative effort to relieve the poverty of the homeless.


Fixing a roof, collecting for a food bank, providing hygiene and care packages, interview training, employment opportunities, financial donations, homelessness forums…. we have been able to help in lots of different ways and we will continue to support the collective effort.






What is poverty?

The Hirsche Foundation will work to relieve the poverty of the homeless in the West Yorkshire region and will achieve this objective by providing items, services and facilities to homeless people in need, and by working with other charities and organisations who have the same objective of helping the homeless



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